Why Blending Lipsticks Is Worth It

Why Blending Lipsticks Is Worth It

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What is Blending?

Blending is when you mix two lipstick colors together. This technique can be done with a lipstick brush for precision or simply by pressing your lips together. The main benefit of blending is that you are able to create additional colors and personalize your shades to suit your complexion, the time of day, and occasion.

To blend you only need two lipstick colors and you can mix and match colors for multiple combinations. You apply the darkest lipstick shade to your upper lip and a lighter lipstick shade to your lower lip. Beautifek lipsticks have been especially designed for blending and tested to ensure you can mix them to get a variety of colors that look beautiful.

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What Are Ombre Lips?

Another name for blending is ombre lips. As with blending, creating ombre lips means you apply the darker color of lipstick to your top lip and a lighter color of lipstick to your lower lip. This means that when you use your lipstick to create ombre lips, you are in fact creating a gradient effect in which the lipstick colors slowly transition from dark to light. This can be much more flattering an eye-catching than using one solid color.

So why blend? There are several benefit to blending lipsticks. Not only does blending help you create additional colors for day and night looks, it is also flattering for a variety of skin tones, and can be done in three easy steps.

What if You Have Pigmented Dark Lips?

Another note worth mentioning is that many ethnic women with melanin also have pigmentation in their lips. The top lip is a darker flesh-toned color, while the bottom lower lip can be a lighter hue or color. When using the blending process, you are in fact following the natural color transition of your own lips— darker on the top and lighter on the bottom. This, in turn, creates a more natural, fuller lip with “two-dimensional” color.

Blending works especially well for women who have olive or mixed undertones that have a blend of undertone colors in the skin complexion. Because blending incorporates two colors instead of one, it allows the “blended” lipstick colors to suit various complexions.

How to Blend – 3 Easy Steps

So how do you blend? Blending can be done in three easy steps and the best part is the amount of colors you can make is numerous and can be personalized by you. In other words two lipsticks equals three shades… the two original shades and the color they make when they are combined.

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Step 1: Apply the darkest of the two lipstick colors only to your top lip.

Step 2: Apply the lightest shade to your lower lip. Model is shown wearing Garnet and Coral.

Step 3: Gently press your top and lower lips together in a pursing motion 2-3 times to blend the two colors.

Some of our favorite blending combinations are the following:

You can try blending by purchasing two of our lipsticks. Need blending suggestions? Comment below by describing your skin tone and we will make a personal suggestion for you.

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