Our story

Who We Are

beautifēk, pronounced beau·ti·fique (\ ˌbē-ə-ˈti-ˈfēk \ ), was born from the fusion of two words… beatific, a derivative of the Latin root beatificus meaning "making happy,” filled with joy or blessed, and the French word béatifique. Together the combined meaning of these words is to be blessed with beauty. 

At beautifēk, we believe in "keeping it simple" and in creating minimal makeup that allows you to customize your lip color. We pride ourselves on being a cruelty-free brand with clean makeup that is mica free, titanium dioxide free and anti-aging.

Our Mission

Our natural, mixable lipsticks are made with organic, moisturizing, and anti-aging ingredients. Mixing/blending is when you mix two lipstick colors together. This technique can be done with a lipstick brush for precision or simply by pressing your lips together. The main benefit of blending is that you are able to create additional colors and personalize your shades to suit your complexion, the time of day, and occasion.

Mixing works especially well for women who have olive or mixed undertones that have a blend of undertone colors in the skin complexion. Because mixing incorporates two colors instead of one, it allows the “blended” lipstick colors to suit various complexions.

Our Promise

Beautifēk's pink tubes are 100% recyclable. Our tubes are made from paper that can be recycled and reused again. The difference between recyclable and compostable packaging is that recyclable can be broken down and reused.