behind our name

beautifēk, pronounced beau·ti·fique (\ ˌbē-ə-ˈti-ˈfēk \ ), was born from the fusion of two words… beatific, a derivative of the Latin root beatificus meaning "making happy,” filled with joy or blessed, and the French word béatifique. Together the combined meaning of these words is to be blessed with beauty. 

At beautifēk we believe in the "keep it simple" adage and in creating minimal makeup where you can customize your lip color. We pride ourselves on being a cruelty free brand with clean makeup that is mica free and contains no titanium dioxide while also being anti-aging.

our owner & founder

Sylvia is passionate about organic beauty and body care products that are safe. In 2013, she learned about the chemicals in lipstick as well as the carcinogens in conventional cosmetics and body products. As a result, she founded Hello Beautiful! Body and Beauty Care, featuring Hello Beautiful! Lipsticks made with clean makeup. In 2018, she changed the name to Beautifēk. Beautifēk is symbolic of the idea that beauty is an intrinsic part of oneself that is expressed in an outward way. In other words, beauty is found within.