Retailer Spotlight: Biome Store Australia

Biome Australia Store

To announce the stocking of our lipsticks at Biome Store, we are posting a retailer spotlight on this Eco store based in Brisbane, Australia. 

Biome is an Eco Store that is 100% palm free, zero waste, and toxin free. They also believe in making ethical choices. We love their commitment to truth in labeling, safe ingredients, and zero harm to people and animals. ⁣

Moreover, Biome Stores encourage a lifestyle of wholesome, healthy, honest living in which buying "green" or chemical free products impacts body/beauty products and beyond.

In other words, Biome keeps the health of the whole person in mind.

Biome asks difficult and thorough questions for its customers, directing people to maintain standards and shop values. Some of those values include buying products that are cruelty free, toxin free, petrochemical free, fragrance free, and certified organic.

Biome Eco Store Balmoral

Not only is there a Biome Store in Brisbane, its stores also have locations throughout Queensland, Australia in Indooroopilly (new location), Paddington, Balmoral (near Bulimba), and Milton warehouse.

We are now stocked in Biome which means you can get our lipsticks without the international shipping costs. Purchase our lipsticks in Body & Beauty section on their website. 

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