New Look, Same Philosophy

Hello Beautiful Lipstick Philosophy

We have a new look that puts our philosophy for Hello Beautiful! at the forefront.

Keeping with our philosophy to affirm that all women are beautiful and God’s masterpieces, we have updated our website to reflect this purpose!

A Lipstick Line that Compliments You

“You need this lipstick to look beautiful”

Many times this is what advertisements for lipstick and other cosmetics seem to scream at us; that we need a product in order to look attractive or to feel attractive to others.

With Hello Beautiful!, we have changed that outlook. Instead of using lipstick because you think you need it to look beautiful, use our lipstick to accent the beauty you know you already have.

All of the Hello Beautiful! Lipstick colors have natural-looking undertones that when applied lightly looks like it is barely there.

hello beautiful lipstick

Hello Beautiful! is a lipstick that compliments you; it greets you with a phrase that both validates and affirms your beauty – and honestly that is what every women deserves.

To celebrate our new look, we will be sharing quotes about beauty and self-worth by women throughout history. Follow #TeamHelloBeautiful to see.

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