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When I created Hello Beautiful! Lipstick I chose not to include dyes or lake colorants, but wanted to keep my lipstick matte and creamy. Dyes are often used in lipstick with other unsafe chemicals to make lipstick water proof, smudge proof, and able to stay on the lips for hours at a time. Here’s the problem: hidden in those dyes are toxic metals like aluminum and tin oxide that can cause adverse health effects including neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson's and Alzheimer's) and inflammatory diseases (source).

Here’s how you apply our dye-free, creamy lipstick for a matte finish.

Step 1: Make sure your lips are soft, moist and free of dead skin. This is a perfect step to make our Brown Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe which smooths away dead skin.

Step 2: Dab lip balm (preferably USDA organic) on the top and bottom parts of your lips. Avoid putting on too much as this will prevent the lipstick from staying on your lips. Skip this step if you want a matte look.

Step 3: Apply our lipstick to your top lip going in a back and forth motion 7 times. Do the same to the bottom lip. Rub your lips together and flash your beautiful smile!

Since Hello Beautiful! Lipstick is dye-free and lake colorant free, you may have to reapply our lipstick after eating/drinking. Why have a lipstick made with chemicals so that it stays on for hours, when you can just reapply a chemical-free lipstick once or twice during the day?

Simply find a time during the day to reapply. Our lipsticks are made with organic ingredients so you can be at ease about licking your lips.

Lake Colorants Exposed

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