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About us

Our mission

We believe all women can be beautiful and healthy. With that in mind, we created organic beauty care lipsticks with healthy ingredients for every complexion.

Beautifēk, for the woman who is God’s masterpiece. Eph 2:10.

Our promise

Beautifēk is committed to creating products with organic ingredients that are free of Titanium dioxide, Mica, Carmine, Talc, nanoparticles, dyes, and fragrance. We are PETA Certified cruelty free. 

Our founder

founder hello beautiful beautifek

Sylvia is passionate about organic beauty and body care products that are safe. In 2013 she learned about the toxic chemicals and carcinogens in conventional cosmetics and body products. As a result she helped in founding Hello Beautiful! Body and Beauty Care, featuring Hello Beautiful! Lipsticks made with organic ingredients. In 2018, she changed the name to Beautifēk. Beautifēk is a combination of her beliefs and the knowledge of organic beauty to create products with healthy ingredients for every complexion.

Sylvia has been featured as a green beauty expert on Indy Style WISHTV, Indianapolis clean beauty workshops, as well as had her lipsticks reviewed by numerous beauty bloggers like Gina Knight of Natural Belle London, Rachel L. Odem, Nekisha CD Lewis, and more recently, holistic wellness bloggers like Keisha Adinkra, Naomi Farr of Sweet Violet Beauty, and Alexandra Becker of The Petite Angel.

Sylvia believes all women can be beautiful and healthy.



A message from our founder

She looked at me, stunned and albeit quiet. I had just informed her of a recent new story that had circulated in a creditable newspaper exposing chemicals in beauty products that caused cancer. She had paused in uncapping her lip gloss, the wick still in her hand, the pink gloo, gushy and holding firm, and really looked at it for the first time.

This story has happened more than I would like to remember. Women especially seem to be largely uninformed about the daily toxins that are absorbed into their bodies through beauty care.

For those who do not want to compromise their health to enhance their beauty, we are here for you. For those who have an in-between, no-so-fair complexion, we are here for you. For those who don’t feel like they’ve really ever been catered to, this is for you. Welcome to Beautifēk, where beauty and healthy ingredients are for all complexions.


Sylvia founder 


“For the woman who is God’s masterpiece.” EPH 2:10