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blending 101

Color blend, color fusion, mix and match. Use any of our colors to create new combinations. Shade Fusion means that you can blend our lipstick colors together to create new shades or use them individually.

The benefits of blending means that you not only have less to carry in your purse, but you also can create unique looks and colors that are personalized to you. 

STEP 1: Apply the darkest of the two lipstick colors only to your top lip. Model is shown wearing Garnet. 

Step 1

STEP 2: Apply the lightest shade to your lower lip. Model is shown wearing Garnet and Coral. 

Step 2

STEP 3: Gently press your top and lower lips together in a pursing motion 2-3 times to blend the two colors. For a less blended finish, purse your lips less. For a more blended finish purse your lips more. Enjoy your custom look!

Step 3